Tuesday, April 1, 2008

In Anticipation of an Ocean of Goddess Love

I stick one pale arm up out of the pile of textbooks and papers and assignment drafts to feel for the delicious biodynamic carrot dangling in front of me, in the form of AMMA, my favourite saint (it used to be Saint Sebastian with the arrows in his torso- ghoulish Catholic Saint books with explicit illustrations of torture), for me she is the embodiment of spiritual power- soft, awesomely great, of this world and out of this world all at once, practical, of service, accepting. My favourite saint is a LIVING SAINT, and she hugs! boy does she hug! She has hugged millions and millions, around the world, and she does it non-stop, and hardly eats or sleeps, but just hugs and sings and directs the most efficiient humanitarian work on the planet!
I am a HUG-AHOLIC, and will be taking my beloveds again to see her: to melt into her rose-scented marshmallow arms, to dissolve into the Ocean of Goddess Love. She reconnects me to the Source, and I am eternally grateful I have the incredible privilige to spend time in her presence.
On a more pedestrian but excitingly practical note, it rained so gloriously yesterday, my poor drought chickens relished under umbrellas with their little friend, watching,feeling, smelling and hearing the joyous tears of the clouds!