Thursday, March 28, 2013

keep calm craft on

Yesterday my middle child had a "mental health" day off school, and she spent the afternoon starting a toy elephant. The elephant is a project often done in Steiner schools here in Australia to compliment the Ancient Indian epoch the children are immersed in.
We had such a blissful time, me finally getting around to fixing up my Steiner/Waldorf craft scrapbook and lending a helping hand and my girl patiently going through the steps of making an elephant.
I felt our afternoon working side by side was very special, and to me was a clear reminder of what parenting and creativity is all about for me. I didn't really get much "done", except a bit of pasting, but my girl was very pleased with the time with me, and her progress with her pink Elephant.

Lately I have heard a lot of conversations around motherhood and creativity, about "having it all",  living your creative dreams, earning a living from said creative dreams... In fact I've heard so much of this talk that I have started to feel unsettled, anxious even, questioning my choice to stay home with the children full time, questioning my own validity as a creative soul. Should I be doing more, working on big projects, earning more, making more....

And I've had a few thoughts:
For me, mothering is innately creative, probably due to the fact that children are innately creative. I am inspired by children and inspired to see them play, make things, hear them sing, marvel at their curiosity, marvel at how they grow and learn. I've also decided what I want most is to be around my children. I have a full time job. Mothering. There's not a lot of time (or energy!) for developing a career right now. And I'm okay with that.
I am also an intensely creative person. I knit ferociously, I obsess about colours, I sing, my kids sing, we make stuff. I guess we kinda bumble around in a bit of a creative mist.
Even though I may not be recognised as creatively "successful" by the outside world, an afternoon making things with my lovely daughter felt like a real moment. And validation that our small creative path in the domestic sphere is enough. It is special. That this is nourishing the world in a tiny precious unpredictable sort of way.
That's all I've got to say on the topic for now!
Hope you enjoy the snaps!

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

what else...

when life becomes a little over the top, perhaps a flesh eating zombie has invaded the flesh of someone near and dear,  perhaps the injustice in the world looms large, or simply the brain cells seem to be temporarily out to lunch, one must do what one can do....

here's what i made lately...

:for baby Thelonius:  Milo by Tikki (again!) in Peace Fleece (Chickie Masla colour), size 6 months.
ravelled here

:for my big high school chicken: Griffin by Tikki in Malabrigo Worsted (Sapphire Green colour) (modified a little to fit child size 14:  used only 3 skeins)
ravelled here

Now I'm trying to decide whether to return to my Lyttleton I started back in October... or naughtily cast on next winter's fancy cardigan! I'm planning a Coraline for myself, in Rowan Felted Tweed...

thanks goodness I found knitting!

also, I'm joining Ginny for her Yarn Along

Sunday, March 10, 2013

dolls and pirates

Just a quick post, weirdly sweltering heat in melbourne in March! What is going on here?
So yesterday we visited Anna and Katie who were selling their delightful wares in Offshoot pop up shop in High St Northcote.
I am a happy collector of Anna's dolls, and just HAD to take this little lady home with me. Don't you love her dress style! And her piggies are something, aren't they!

 Here she is with Anna's other dolls who have made it into the family. A happy bunch among the thyme!

And here is a pirate ship Mr P requested first thing yesterday morning, made from a rocket popsicle box. Ahhhaaaaar!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Thursday, March 7, 2013

knittin' and sangin'

Oh Lordie what would I do without either!
I finished the most delicious Griffin vest for Mr P, who loved it at first sight!
Check out the puddle jumping action!

I am now knitting another Griffin vest for my big high school chicken, who has suddenly been released from the tyranny of black and blue! Free to wear emerald green!! Hooray!
The yarn is Malabrigo Worsted, in a delightful Sapphire Green colourway. This is my "go to" yarn for so many occasions! It's so squishy and comforting to knit with.  (Ravelry notes here)

I am reading Maya Ward's unique book The Comfort of Water about her pilgrimage up the Yarra River from the mouth to the source! It is so rewarding and nourishing to read about my local river (it takes me fifteen minutes to walk there) and her writing is so holistic and evolved. Love!

I'm also researching for some Autumn yarn dyeing! More on that a little later...

Oh! and the sangin'! Been indulging in some three part mountain mama sangin' with two sweet friends, this fair maiden and this fair maiden. What a joy! Shiveringly gorgeous harmonies, so gooood for the soul!

Oh Oh! One more thang: been very much enjoying looking at these lovely "plain jane" creations from Anna Branford.

I'm joining Ginny for her Yarn Along