Sunday, May 18, 2008

Prodigal Blogger Returns

Okay, So I've done it again. I started a blog, wrote for a while and then life became busy and I couldn't spare the time to reflect.
Yes, Amma came, we had a sublime trip/family reunion in Pambula....aaaahhhh...Pambula!
And then life as a full time student, part time yoga teacher, parttime student, mother of two, oh and a wife...hubby struggling (muffled vain) under the pile of unattended dirty washing, unwashed plate...or is he in the empty fridge, just to keep out of my way.
I have resurrected my obsessive, compulsive self, charging through the sleepless nights in front of assignments, and heady days whirling from teaching placements, to dance classes for the girls, to study, work, kid exchange rendesvous.
No time for knitting. Reading. Movies. Although I did sneak one in last Monday night. The Edge of Heaven, a Turkish/German collaboration. What an amazing journey of a film. I officially wish to retire to some seaside village on the Black Sea in Turkey.