Saturday, May 9, 2009

Recovery Saturday

After a week of dental emergencies, head lice and skin punctures, I am ready for a day at home to recover. Playing nurse is NOT my forte, and I often faint at the sight of blood...particularly when spurting forth frm my youngest child's sweet hand! So poor little shocked nervous me needs a day of knitting and baking to bring the equalibrium.

Mmmm...roasted pecan and orange muffin...

The week at Steiner teacher training; two examples of the painting exercise based on a story of a little rooster who thought he told the sun to rise, and set off to tell it to stay down to prove it!

The girls amusing themselves with playing schools for hours...

Discovered Ravelry, a passionate novice knitter's inspiration!
Eagerly awaiting this Australian film...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

A freezing Sunday Morning Market Trawl

Chicken 1 and I hit the Camberwell Market at 6.30am this morning! Rugged up in layers of wool, ponchos, cardigans, scarves, gloves, we wandered around searching for treasures. We found a basket of wool, and carded, dyed fleece (great for felting), old jumpers to felt, additions to our almost complete collection of Lemony Snickett books, which are too scary to read right now, but deliciously terrifying to look forward to. I found a knitting pattern book by Jo Sharp, even though I am unable to knit most of the things in there! I also found some yummy trousers in the perfect style for me!

Shopping done by 8.30am, we came home to a cosy eggs on toast, and proceeded to felt jumpers, which I will turn into a patched kidney warmer with chunky velcro to fasten. My lower back and associated organs will be very happy for that!
Speaking of which, my lyre is comiong along very slowly, on whack at a time!

And on to an afternoon of knitting for my dear friend's first baby boy. At the rate I am going, it should be ready for her winter in New York! The pattern is from a divine little book Last-Minute Knitted Gifts.