Saturday, February 8, 2014

skein and song

::a bit of excitement: first ever skein of handspun by yours truly: cannot stop cuddling and smelling: beautiful imperfect.

listening to::incredible Australian indie folk talent:the mae trio: one up two down: domini forster

last but not least!! presenting my two beautiful girls performing Mabel's gorgeous song "Home" live at music camp.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

knitt'n' swatch'n' spinn'n' read'n'

read'n'::Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier::so tasty, but why oh why did i watch the movie first...nicole or jude ever present on each page...

spinn'n':: I finished spinning by first bobbin full:: excitement::it's 'interesting", thick and thin and nubbly::smells like a sheep!

swatch'n'::annabel sweater/jumper for my lass:misti alpaca tonos worsted, leatherly colourway

lov'n'::the sunflower forest planted by my beloved and now making us all happy outside and in.

knitt'n':: finished Mama Vertebrae in cleckheaton merino angora silk 8ply::love::open front but covers the kidneys::ravelled here


yarn'n' along:: with ginny

Saturday, February 1, 2014

in a spin...

I never thought I would go there. you know, bother learning to spin. But one day I spent a day as a relief teacher in Steiner Class 4, and the children had drop spindles made from cds and dowel and a screw in hook from the hardware store, and were spinning like demons! Some were even knitting fair isle scarves with their spun yarn! Finally I got the connection.  I felt the need this year to connect another part of the chain which links those lovely smelling sheep to my knitting!
I enrolled in a spinning course. Today was the first day. Oh my goodness, I was so excited. I have always looked at spinning wheels with a mix of awe and confusion. Well, now, they are demystified, and after three hours I have the rudimentary skills to spin on a wheel! My goodness the brain does hurt making those new neural pathways, but somehow it's coming together.
I'm not sure this will take over the knitting passion, but it kinda feels good to know if for some reason all the knitting mills in the world closed, I could still make yarn!