Thursday, August 6, 2009

Return from the Land of Morning (All Day) Sickness

Such a long absence from this blog can only be explained by four words...nineteen weeks with child! Or perhaps I should add a couple forty! Yes, I turned forty, and discovered number three child is on it's way, accompanied by languid, sickly lollings on the bed, gazing out the window wondering when I should try being vertical! Oh, and continuing mothering, teaching yoga, and studying full time!
It is fascinating how joy and wonder at the miracle of conception and the impending visitation of another cosmic being onto earth can be accompanied by such dreaded, phsyiological and emotional ordinariness.
Most wonderful and novel has been the added constant joy and anticipation of my two darling chicken daughters, who await their tiny sibling with such excitement and curiosity. Daily tummy kisses, and infinite questions about the logistics of it all, how big is the babby, what if it kicks so hard it makes you fall over...
9 year old chicken remembered our friend who lost her baby, and then the question, "What happens if the baby dies in your tummy. Do you have to push it out?"
Answer: Chicken 2, 6 years old, " It just wasn't ready yet, it just goes back to God. It will try again later."
The infinte wisdom of the dreamy young...

Other than this Big event...
The odd felted gift.

An obsession with Moomins at story time!!

and the enjoyment of Greek Mythology told by a great yarn spinner, Padraic Colum.

Steiner Teacher training has been wonderful, with a current immersion in Norse Mythology, the time of the ten year old (Class Four).