Saturday, March 7, 2015


I'm not going to talk about the fact I have neglected my blog. I'll just break the drought.
knitting has been slow for a while, but a fox is in the making: pattern is Sophisticated Mr Fox

The cooler weather is on it's way and I turn my mind to woolly things, knitting, spinning, cosy nights creating. I even read a book which whet my appetite for the cool inner creative evening: Burial Rites by Australian writer Hannah Kent. set in Iceland in 1829. Wonderful read, and the best part was being immersed in the domestic world of this time and place. scenes of knitting, mending, even gutting animals was so goooood!

 I loved it so much I was grieved to finish, so I used a gift voucher which had been sitting around since last year (from my choir of seven years I finished up with) to purchase some fluffy clogs, so I could feel I was still in Iceland (there was no mention of clogs in the book I might mention, but even wearing Swedish shoes was close enough).

my girls have been keeping me very busy as their "mum-ager" of Charm of Finches since mid last year. There were videos, paper mache boats, shows upon shows and vintage dresses. We spent a lot of the summer going to Folk Festivals so they could perform. It meant seeing and meeting many wonderful musicians and having adventures. And it continues. as does school, driving kids around town, juggling my work....

I took over directing a community choir last year, and I love them so much. they are there for the joy of each other and singing together. We have a ball! half of them showed up for a community event to perform some songs, and they fearlessly and joyfully sang their hearts ourt and filled the room with the most heavenly atmosphere. that's me at the front introducing a song.
time to knit mr fox!!

joining the yarn along with Ginny here.