Monday, June 16, 2008

The Tropical Adventurites!

The tropical adventure has begun! The first few days has been about allowing the stress of life in Melbourne to slowly seep through the pores and be absorbed by the benevolent gigantuan palm trees out the window. Lots of staring at green, green green...swimming in the pool, strolling the Darwin markets, they do love a market up here! Learning to drive a clapped-out scary backpacker van, and control my worrisome mother mind about things like brake failure and being stranded in massive HOT national parks...We set off to an amazing national park full of waterfalls and plunge pools!! to camp for a few days!

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Kirti said...

oh my giddy aunt, I think I need to take my boys up there too, it looks fantastic.You so deserve that holiday. Hooray!!!!