Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tis' the Season to be Felting

After a long break from blogging, wherein I became qualified to teach primary school children...yes, I can now stand proudly in the ranks with such luminaries as Miss Beadle from Little House on the Prairie and Mr Kotter...
I return to the subject of felting, and Christmas, and how in love I am with photos of Robins hopping around in the snow in the northern hemisphere. I was moved to felt a robin of my own, to give to a dear friend, funnily enough named Robyn, who helped me through the year of madness and unprecendented child juggling.
Our Christmas Tree is adorned with many little handmade angels the girls were given by friends at school, and Chicken No.1's amazing needle felted Father Christmas'.
We have also been visited by four furry friends...new guinea pis, who we of course promptly subjected to the indignity of being in a studio Christmas Photo Shoot on their second day of life!
Am trying to read Atonement, which I am loving, yet finding hard to stay awake to get through...and listening to Loreena McKennitt's Christmas album, which is strangly alluring...

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Kirti said...

Yay, how lovely to have you back again! have a gorgeous day, give my love to B and the Chickies.xxxxxxx