Thursday, April 21, 2011

feeding on green

Looking at this photo I cannot believe I actually went there yesterday! It seems like a dream. Does my  inner urban  life divorce me so from nature, that my experience of being in lush rainforest doesn't penetrate me in some way?
I watched my children play with the water, drink from the waterfall, feel the mossy rocks with their soles/souls. I had a feeling of wanting to stay there until they had drunk their fill of the forest, before carting them back to the concrete lines and dulled senses of city living.
Thank you forest...for allowing the hungry to sup on your exuberant green and heady air!
I returned home absolutely exhausted: how strange, that gorging on life force can defeat me in such a way.
And now it seems a dream!


anna said...

Perhaps it was a sort of dream. What a beautiful day :)

anna said...
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