Saturday, December 31, 2011

TOP 19 warm and delicious from 2011

2011 has been a year of embracing the gentle arts of the home, particularly knitting!
The pace has seemed to pick up around me, so small things like late night knitting, mineral springs and the discovery of people who also like to do things the slow way have been my delights this year, as well as, of course, my small wee people, a couple of whom are becoming not so wee anymore!
This year has been about bringing people together to, knitted things, inner peace!!!
Here is a small top 19 list!
I was aiming for 101, but I have some last minute stitching to do for 2011!

1: sophie digard crochet
2: hannah haworth knitter/artist
3: selvedge magazine
4: ravelry
5: madelinetosh pashmina
6: orphfund
7: kate davies : scottish designer and mountaineer
8: anouar brahem, musician
9: william steig's "dominic"
10: sufjan steven's "sister winter"
11: beth knight's cover of "sister winter"
12: anna branford and her small made things and her growing writerliness
13: soulemama , as if I need to say it!
14: Channa, my newly discovered teacher and neighbour!
15: Game of Thrones for a total time chewer
16: The Tudors for more time chewing!!
17:the moon inside you documentary: the red tide is rising!
18: Rye Peninsula Hot Springs
19: Tjuwaliyn (Douglas) Hot Springs  for her healing waters

Wishing all beings in the universe, seen and unseen, and even those not yet imagined by us, PEACE!!

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anna said...

Jo, what an inspiring collage and a wonderful list (so honoured to have been included, my goodness...)
Sending you and your beautiful family my very best wishes for a beautiful new years eve and a peaceful and joy-filled new year too. Thank you so much for everything you have brought into my 2011 xx