Tuesday, January 10, 2012

heavens! i love this making frenzy!

2012 is off and firing with a making frenzy!
chicken 1 made this:

the head is needle felted, then the body sewn with calico and stuffed with pure wool.
The dress whipped up on the machine with velcro closings, and trimmings!
Four hours straight, I would say , without a break for lunch!
I can't express how deeply satisfying it was to see this earnest making!

 and chicken 2 made this:

she had found a neglected half finished horse head started by chicken 1 several years ago, and decided to finish it, adding felt ears, a mane, stuffing and joining with linen thread to a sturdy old child's broom handle. Hooray!

we have started a play mat using felted old husband jumpers (the jumpers were old, not the husband!)
stay tuned!!

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anna said...

Hooray! Best blog post ever! I LOVE the doll and the horse. Such amazing young makers-of-things, they fill my heart with total gladness :)