Wednesday, October 3, 2012

the woolly state

There is something going seems to exist in two parallel streams: one involves the rich and often tangled tapestry of life in a family of five growing, thriving, learning and energetic humans...
the other, my world of wool and knitting and making, occasionally also tangled, but also calm, a refuge,   distracting, deeply creative and oh so satisfying.

I have just finished a delicious cowl (for me!):

I used a deliciously soft yarn hand-dyed in Canada by Tanis Fibre Arts in Orange Label Cashmere/silk Worsted ("Sand" colourway). 
Ravelled here

And...I FINALLY finished my dear husband's "smoking jacket" at the end of Winter! I started it in April, and it took so long because I kept putting it down to knit other things! But it's done and he loves it and it looks totally handsome! 

The wool is the now discontinued Rowan Scottish Tweed  Chunky
in Lobster colour!
The pattern is "Smokin" from the book "Son of a Stitch and Bitch" by Jared Flood

The "blanket project" I blogged about in the last post is coming along swimmingly! Take a look at the pile of squares accumulating!

I also have a tapestry picture to finish off for my wonderful Steiner/Waldorf craft curriculum course. The children do this project in Class 4!
The picture is based on the Norse Myth "Iduna and the golden apples"
and here is the tapestry picture I finished last year. It's Yggdrasil, the world tree of Norse Mythology.

And finally, what next for the needles? I have this luscious yarn from Quince and Co. waiting to be wound and turned into a light weight Spring cardi!

so that's the woolly state of things around here!!

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