Wednesday, August 21, 2013

View from a sinus infection

Sitting up in bed, my nose and eyes are feeling very strange. 
So, in between Neti pot nasal cleansing and inhaling eucalyptus, I knit "hitch", a sweater design by Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark, really impatient to get this on my back! 

I also have my bag of tossed aside knitting works-in-progress here on the bed, which I have looked over, admired, promised each I will one day return to them: the eternal socks, the shawl I meant to knit my oldest daughter as a Menarche present  and the shrug for that wedding 18 months ago....all enticing projects! What happened...

Somewhat feeling like a snake-tongued knitter I then open my bag of recently purchased yarn and paw it, dreaming of the delicious new patterns they will be applied to!
These are the yarniforous ravings of a sinus-challenged bedridden knitter! 


Lori ann said...

ai yi yi! Poor thing, feel better! I really love all your wooly goodness, did I tell you I had to get a skein of the meadow too!

Jo Windmill said...

Thank you lovely!
What colour meadow did you get?
Should we start our KAL soon?

anjila smith said...

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