Tuesday, February 4, 2014

knitt'n' swatch'n' spinn'n' read'n'

read'n'::Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier::so tasty, but why oh why did i watch the movie first...nicole or jude ever present on each page...

spinn'n':: I finished spinning by first bobbin full:: excitement::it's 'interesting", thick and thin and nubbly::smells like a sheep!

swatch'n'::annabel sweater/jumper for my lass:misti alpaca tonos worsted, leatherly colourway

lov'n'::the sunflower forest planted by my beloved and now making us all happy outside and in.

knitt'n':: finished Mama Vertebrae in cleckheaton merino angora silk 8ply::love::open front but covers the kidneys::ravelled here


yarn'n' along:: with ginny


Plain and Joyful Living said...

Great Sweater - love that dress too.

anna said...

Just beautiful, dear Jo. The cardigan is perfect and oh...the sunflowers! May you spin many a spool of nubbly goodness.

Lori ann said...

hey jo! how did i miss this? your sweater and you! love! looks like such a cozy one, enjoy your lovely work!

cold mountain, one of my favorite books!! i really think they did a beautiful job of translating it to the movie screen. love that too. at least it was cast well? i just love it all.

Jo Windmill said...

thank you for the lovely comments!
lori, I do really love the book and the movie too, especially the music, but I wish I'd read the book first so i could have made up my own images first.