Monday, March 3, 2014


my first, freshly dyed-up hand spun skeins! gloriously nubbly and unintentionally thick and thin, which I'm told is quite the fashion. I used some landscape dye shades fern and chamomile. First time dyeing wool too, and oh sooo much fun!

my knitting::the annabel pullover in misti alpaca tonos worsted (leatherly), almost done.
I'm modifiying it, because the length in the pattern was too short for my kidney-conscious girl ("I want it to cover my,  and she wants length.
my idea is to add a rib in another colour, either grey or bird egg blue...I'm knitting the sleeves in the round using two circular needles.

I found this book at an op shop. Pearl S Buck's The Big Wave. As soon as I saw it, I was struck by what I can only call a memory-feeling or feeling-memory. I can't remember what age I was, but I remember reading this book and it fascinating, or maybe, haunting me. That's all I remember, nothing about the story itself, but when I saw it I had a faint rush of awe mixed with fear, and fascination.
It now waits for's kinda spooky.
also, yarning along with Ginny


Kirti said...

It is only right that Obi Knit Wan should now transfer the wisdom of spinning and dyeing. when she acquires her own flock of merino, the circle shall be complete...
I just ordered wool for the first time in a year - yaaayyyy.....
See you for tea and knitting xxx

Jo Windmill said...

Hilarious! Of course, I must now get a flock of ship!! I thought the circle was already complete with the spinning, but no, Kirti, wise woman, you are absolutely correct!

Lori ann said...

wowwee jo! love the wool you've created! green is gorgeous! i like the idea of the annabel with a band of color added.

i hope the book (didn't read this one) makes new beautiful impressions for you.