Thursday, June 26, 2014


time to knit!

p a t t e r n: Woodland Shawl by Nikol Lohr (free pattern)
y a r n: Shibui Cima
we are in Darwin with family, packing the camping gear for a week in Kakadu National Park. Looking forward to reconnecting with the spirit of that country and soaking away the past few months extreme busy city life within the hot healing springs bubbling out from the rocks....
feels so good to be this colour yarn, fjord. I bought the yarn purely for the delicious soft peacock blue! (joining the yarn along with ginny)
Here are my ladies with Frangipani hair!
Here's their first beautiful song on bandcamp: Girl In A Lighthouse


Lori ann said...

hello lovelies! how fun, a holiday! i love plumeria (thats what we called them in hawaii, where i used to live).
and LOVE LOVE love the song, i'm going to be humming The Girl in the Lighthouse all the weekend :)
xxx lori

Lucy Bowen said...

The lovelies are lovely!! The shawl is looking great - nice colour yarn.