Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Imagination

My two chickens keep astounding me with the extent of their imaginative play! At ages seven and ten, when many children are absorbed in popular culture, computers and television, they are still making wondrous play/art sculturesque play in the backyard for literally hours:
Ingredients: One mound of dirt which has been left neglected on the concrete for months and which has since sprouted itself a no dig garden, some beeswax and some twigs!


Kirti said...

HI Darling, your biggest chicken appeared out front of the shop the other day, called my name and smiled radiantly as she passed by. so gorgeous.

Suse said...

Hi Jo, I sent you a message on Ravelry but perhaps you didn't get it? Can't find an email address on your profile either ...

Can you email me at and I'll send you that pattern you were after.