Sunday, July 25, 2010


The Christmas Tree Hat in the divine Evoke Banksia organic wool came off the needles last night at 12.30! Not a time I would usually knit until, with me clocking up an enormous sleep debt right now with Chicken 3! Yet, I had to finish...I have been getting a funny feeling that this hat was looking rather roomy...but you never can tell, I kept telling myself! turned out so beautifully...HAD my daughter been a giantess...
We toyed with the idea of a hot wash to make it all better...I couldn't risk it! FROGGED! back into a lovely little ball of wool: and I will start again.
It was always going to be a risk, knitting on 4mm instead of 3.25mm, to up the size from 4-6 to size 10!!
This time I'll try knitting it up as if for a 2 year old, and see how it looks!

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