Monday, October 11, 2010

Time for tea, at last!

Finally I finished Ivy's tiny tea leaves. She is very pleased with the result, and to prove it, she had it on all day, despite the lovely Spring warmth which led all her friends to shed to t-shirts!

The weekend provided sublime weather: for three diverse and delightful activities
1. knitting, of course
2.washing, thank god!
3. becoming a godmother! (more musings on this one later!)


arabella cucumber said...

Oh Jo, the cardigan is exquisite and I wonder if the little hands are your godchild's? I'm a godmother too - I think it's a really lovely thing to be. As with most important things in my life, it is commemorated with a small shrine and lots of lighting of candles :)

Jo Windmill said...

they are indeed my little godchild's hands!