Saturday, October 16, 2010

it's not every day...

This post is about my friend.
I met her one lovely Autumn Saturday morning.
She was sitting quietly amongst her basketry and recycled craft supplies at a children's pre-loved market at our local park. We made a b-line for her, being mad crazy dollmakers ourselves, and promptly met her.
Since then, Anna has shared her writing for children with me, asked my opinion, which was most flattering, really, and invited me to join her crafty exploits at times, as have I her.
Well, last night, she (not the "cat's mother!") came to our house for Friday night lasagne, and we made a few items, which I failed to photograph.
She also brought over copies of two of her books as gifts for the Chickens,  inscripted especially.
At bedtime she read a few chapters of Violet Mackerel for the Chickens.  They were a tad excited! It is not everyday an author comes over to your house to read you their book, I remarked, and they grinned, feeling very special.
This morning they had the books out, Chicken 2 reading Sophie's Salon in bed, and then Chicken 1 reading Violet to her sister.
Thank you my friend! and CONGRATULATIONS!!

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arabella cucumber said...

I had such a gorgeous evening Jo. I've never had such a lovely lasagne, nor been treated to such a beautiful musical recital as the one provided by your talented chickens! This was such a lovely post to read and I love the beautiful pictures too. Thanks to all Windmills a hundred times over! xxx