Monday, March 7, 2011

A quietly growing obsession...

It began at playgroup, seven years ago.
I was handed some bamboo needles and some organic wool, and we knitted a scarf for our children.  The smell!! I remember being compelled to sniff my work all the time. I should have known then it would one day become something of an obsession.

For the past year I have tried to teach myself at least one new skill with every new project, learning to cable, shape, gather, knit in the round... I attempted a cardigan for myself, and my children, and next... socks and a shawl, for goodness sake! I obsess over which colour I should choose, and dream at nights, of choosing the perfect hand dyed skein! I must acknowledge the incredible online global community of knitters, Ravelry, in assisting my obsession no end!

This is how obsessed I am: I take more photos of my knitting and yarn than I do of my extraordinarily cute baby boy, or big girl offspring. I take my knitting everywhere, just in case I get even two minutes to knit! I rush to school pick up so I get time to knit before the bell goes, I knit instead of folding and putting away clothes,  even when said clothes prevent one from sitting on the lounge or seeing my bed. That's okay! I can knit on the floor! And I am so happily tired from late night knitting I don't notice the pile on the bed anyway!

I am about to finish my cardigan and have today received the cutest little box full of wool for my next two very ambitious projects. Fluffy mail indeed, and I sniffed vigorously!


rotulador said...

we take our knitting everywhere because we know a goog knitting experience is waiting for us.
never bored!

The Awakened Heart said...

I'm very new to knitting but I try to take mine everywhere. Unfortunately, I have a big project on the needles right now and it's heavy! Incidentally, where do you buy your wool from in Aus? I live in the Dandenongs but would love to find some good suppliers. Could you email me a link if you get a minute? Thanks