Saturday, March 26, 2011

small lounge room, friends, needles and fibre

is apparently all I require to feel my life is indeed rich and something to celebrate. As the temperature slowly drops, I find the pleasures of late night fibrework (knitting socks at the minute) a balm, a retreat, a joy, stimulating, satisfying. To share it with some lovely friends, all of whom on this particular night had never met before, yet behaved like comfy old friends with each other, was just the best. I have realised I have a secret drive to bring people together in creative endeavours. The singing group I started at the chicken's school, the knit nights...brings me the utmost satisfaction.
Anna's dollies...
Nina's hot water bottle cover for her sister

Swallowtail Anna's jumper for her sweet boy


anna said...

It was such a lovely evening Jo! You are indeed a marvelous conduit for all sorts of things, but definitely including people xx

Anonymous said...

sounds like a beaut night... I know what you mean about the satisfaction in sitting and creating together... that's all I need to keep happy too it seems :)