Thursday, October 13, 2011

Norse Myths in Stitches

In Class 4, the children in Steiner schools are immersed in the tales from Norse mythology. God and Giant, ice and snow, golden apples and the deceiving Loki's trickery being the undoing of all! Such contrasts and colour for a child venturing into the world with curiosity and a thirst for challenge and adventure!
In the Craft (Handwork) curriculum, the children make a colourful tapestry, having first drawn a picture inspired by a story from the Norse Myths (check out this book for a great retelling), and then launching freestyle into a the huge array of colours to create their picture.

My tapestry began two years ago at Steiner Teacher Training, and I started using very small stitches to create a picture of Yggdrasil, the World Tree. When I picked up my unfinished tapestry again a few weeks ago, I aimed to do stitching more like what the children would be doing, so went for bigger expressive strokes. The piece ended up quite irregular in shape, which must be one reason why the framing for these is often done using two pieces of (perhaps?) plywood, with the front framing piece carved in an organic shape with curved edges.

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anna said...

Oh Jo, you do amaze me! What a beautiful representation of such a sacred thing. I hope I get to see this in the...wool...some day.