Monday, October 24, 2011

Fair is fair!!

On the weekend we drove up to a wonderful Steiner school in a glorious rural setting to treat our lungs to the fresh mountain air, and be inspired by the remarkable work being done there.
Class 6 craft: Those dollies will feel a whole lot better when their hair grows.

Class 5 Woodwork

Class 5 Indian felt elephants

Class 5: Grecian Urns

Class 2 Blackboard Dawing

Class 2: Celtic Dragon!!

Class 2: dolls made by children
The blanket above was stiched by the children and teachers, using the marvelous and voluminous finger-knitting produced by the children in Prep to produce a wonderful comfort rug for the little resting spot in the classroom. This rug will no doubt travel with the class to Class 8!
Class 3: Socks knitted by the children


Frockfarie said...

So nice to see what they are doing there. I have a couple of friends with children at the school. I really wanted to go but was busy setting up for our Spring Fair which was on the next day. Hope the weather was good to them, it was wet, wet, wet at another Festa on Saturday. Lots of wet bottoms and heads.

anna said...

What beautiful, beautiful work. It just makes my heart sing.