Wednesday, May 9, 2012

a little bit of sunshine...

In Class 2,  the children are venturing out into the world a little more adventurously: climbing trees becomes an obsession, feeling the wind in their hair, the elements are experienced intensely. In the Steiner school s here in Australia, the fairy tales of Class 1 become longer, episodic journeys , often from the Celtic tradition, and these stories seem to expand like the rays of the sun.
In craft, the children pick up their sewing needles again, and stitch the sunburst stitch on colourful muslin. The stitches ray out, stitched from the middle out in a circle,  multi coloured and arranged so that each expanding circle of stitches sits just inside the previous row's stitches.
I really needed to concentrate making this article, yet felt so expanded by the colours starting to ray out in front of me. There are two sides, with a piece of muslin inside to thicken, in case you want to use it like an oven mitt or pot rest.
It opened my heart and delighted me, and now hangs in my kitchen waiting for it's first pot to sit under!

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Kirti said...

If only I could knit as you knit.....