Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Wonderful World of Sock Nerd-dom

Yesterday I treated myself to an immersion experience of Sock Knitting. I so love workshops, and just being in the presence of the amazing sock knitting expert, Sue Grandfield  (Riotous Assembly on Ravelry), made my heart glad.
Check out her amazing wall of glorious socks she brought along for show and tell (all knit by Sue!)!!

Yum! Love that garter stitch heel and toe!

check out the Tolkeinish word HOBBIT at the top!!!!

 We really covered the basics of toe up sock knitting, starting with Judy's Magic Cast On (the best ever toe up sock cast on! Check out this you tube clip for the most fun tutorial by Cat Bordhi)
 We made a short row heel, picking up wraps on the second half of the heel (ie. increases)

 And learnt the most stretchy fabulous cast off, Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off.

 Thank You Sue for a day of inspiration!! 
I am all so keen to launch into some fabulous folk socks...though I think I better finish the pair of Knee Highs I started two and a half years ago...mmm
I then went into the city to Morris and Sons and took a few snaps of their lovely yarn bike!
Sue Grandfield will be teaching a colourwork workshop there next weekend!!

Mother of all Mud Caps!

And currently on the needles:
Hitch by Brooklyn Tweed in Rowan Felted tweed DK (clay), a gorgeous Dolmen sleeve jumper (pullover/sweater) with a panel of cables and lace up the front.

Ravelled here
 Camilla Kid by Madder in Quince and Co Osprey in Bird's Egg Blue. I am in love with the Osprey yarn, super squooshy and airy!! It's going to be so comfy and warm.
ravelled here


Lori ann said...

wow jo! those socks! i would have loved to take that workshop with you! and all your knits, LOVE hitch and camilla. i made anabel in osprey, it is SO lovely.

even though i love summer, my bikini days are mostly behind me so i love fall and winter and cuddling in cozy knits more these days! stay warm there

Jo Windmill said...

Thank you lovely Lori!
Wish you had been able to come to the workshop too!!
Stay cool!!!

Kirti said...

In an ideal world I'd have been there too. However I shall live a while, vicariously through your woolly adventures Obi.....looking forward to our sangin' in the mornin' sugar!