Wednesday, May 15, 2013

teaching, drawing, knitting, autumn trees, good pirates and soup

teaching Class 3 about measuring...the "Iron Ulna" being presented to the King!

drawing going on all over the floor right now...

-finished my big girl's hat ready for horse riding camp next week, gorgeous pattern: Oaked, though I only did one panel of oak leaves rather than all the way around.
ravelled here

-started a cowl for same big girl because I just have to stay awake the night before the camp knitting until the wee hours in order to feel like a good mother! The pattern is Gudrun Johnston's Crofter's Cowl .
ravelled here

reading (well, gazing at really) Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush which just arrived in the post today.  This winter may just be sock winter...

 We visited the best goodliest pirates who ever sailed the seven seas!
Sea Shepherd had three ships docked for repairs after their confrontations with Japanese whaling ships (who were targeting protected and endangered whales in a whale sanctuary!!!). It was a very successful summer campaign down in Antarctica and I was moved to tears by the  dedication and heroic deeds. We were shown  around the ships, (which were gorgeous inside- original 60's(?) furnishings and trappings) and heard inspiring and sometimes hair-raising tales. We were not even off the first ship when my middle girl announced, "I want to be a Sea Shepherd. How do I get on!"

and leek and potato soup, again!

Joining Nicole for Keep Calm Craft On
and Ginny for Yarn Along


Heather said...

I love that hat! And the color is so pretty! Horse camp sounds like a lot of fun too. And potato and leek soup is definitely in constant rotation in my home - well in the cooler months anyways :-)

Lori ann said...

i so enjoy my visits with you jo, so much goodness here. lovely hat, your daughter must be thrilled with her clever mum. i wish it were autumn here too, but, sigh, we are just heading into summer. still, it's good times!
off to check out your cowl now!
have a lovely weekend my friend,
xoxo lori