Thursday, October 2, 2014

when the brain goes foggy...knit.....

After spending the day reluctantly trying to deal with bureaucracy so I can continue to moonlight as a casual relief teacher occasionally, my mind feels particularly clouded. Ughh!

This kind of head space calls for some knitting: curative occupational therapy for sure! I'm almost finished my Agnes in the most divine silver grey Drops Eskimo. I decided to make the ribbing extra long, starting higher; and a small child I met on the weekend suggested I do extra long arms and put in thumb holes. I rather like that idea!

It's been school holidays here, and the girls have had a well earned break from their busy life as full time school girls and busy musos! We spent the weekend in a mountain range with many wonderful folk musicians, doing workshops. One lovely man recorded birdsong and a snippet of Mabel practicing her song. Here it is (a few minutes in):

And here is an amazing film which my three thespian children made yesterday as a birthday present for their dad!!! Enjoy!! Here is the You Tube link if you prefer to view larger.


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