Saturday, March 15, 2008

Early Morning Creative Industry

Chicken 1 - really into mermaids...
Chicken 2 drawing a fridge with ice pack, orange juice and a person sleeping next to the fridge...

I am not one of these mothers who sets the alarm to be up and baking before the kids wake up. Perhaps I secretly wish I could be, but I have come into the habit of regarding my children as alarm clocks.
Hence, the first sounds this morning were of the two Chickens out in the "studio" drawing. This is a common waking sound, the sound of creative industry. After drawing, came dressing for the one-off Saturday morning dancing class (note maroon leotard) and a bit of catching up with a scarf knitting project for Chicken 1, well in time for chilly mornings (who knows). We are BIG on scarfs, warding off the "evil wind" from getting in behind the neck.
The soundtrack to the morning was my mate Mick's luscious CD "Little Treasures". The Chickens love it and keep playing it over and over again.

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