Sunday, March 16, 2008

Children's Book Trawl

I got to a couple of school fetes this weekend, and I am so excited to have found a little pile of delicious kids books!A Bell for Ursli- a little Swiss book apparently famous and well known by all Swiss children, recently republished by Floris Books, an amazing little Puffin collection of Scottish and New Hebrides folk tales, The Mouth of the Night, actually containing the Celtic Dragon Myth, the story my daughter's class teacher is telling at this very moment. The Class 2 period in Steiner Education is immersed in Celtic stories.; a collection of Greek myths, told so very amusingly, and illustrated by Emma Chichester Clark, or Blue Kangaroo fame; Mrs Pepperpot's Year, cute stories about a little old woman who becomes even littler at random moments, and has adventures; a delightfully illustrated version of Grimm's Jorinda and Jorindel (my second picture book version of this divine tale;Suzanne and nicholas at the Market by the incredible Japanese illustrator/author Satomi Ichikawa. I couldn't believe my luck to find this little book, having fallen in love with another of her, A Child's Book of Seasons. Her illustrations are miniturist in nature, and so intimately revealing of the realm of childhood; and Aesops Fable illustrated by Bernadette (yes just that), also featured in Steiner Education in Class 2 , this one with European style illustrations.
Oh Joy!

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