Sunday, March 2, 2008

under the maidenhair tree

I went once to a natropath. I was undergoing a health meltdown and a spiritual crisis. I said, "I just want to move to the country and be surrounded by green". She prescribed me nettle tea and a book, "The Return of the Bird Tribes". I was thrilled to be told to read a book, and although I never finished the book, discovered the pathway of dosing myself with nature need not result in a move to the countryside (a craving which nonetheless grips me every so often).
I bought a great guide book of trees at a fete yesterday, and spent the afternoon dreaming into the illustrations of massive oaks, weeping willows, plum blossoms and mystical maidenhair trees, part of the Gingko tree family and native to China.
I have decided to start my blog today, imagining myself sitting under the shade of a maidenhair tree, it's two lobed leaves turning Autumn yellow, writing "stuff".

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