Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Just stumbled upon a gorgeous splash of 60s fashion and colour from this blog.

And this is the somewhat fluffier, suburban backyard version...

Perhaps I have established an Easter Sunday knitted hat tradition. I am pretty pleased with the result. Chicken No. 1 swears it is not too big for her. I think it could probably do with a felt, but she seems happy with it not being a snug fit.

Chickens spent the day "grooming" our SIX guinea pigs. Dabbing with warm lavender water, combing and cleaning. The little guys have been very patient.

Happy Easter!


Nicole said...

just thought id pop in & say hello
lov the hat very cute

Anne said...

Lovely hat!
Im trying to knit a vest for my son but not getting very far.:)