Saturday, April 4, 2009

To learn, to teach, to rest

Life has been incredibly full, busy, crazy, hectic, running here to there without a breath!
My practicum time in a Class 6 Steiner classroom has been so rich and wonderful. I got to teach a fantastic Greek verse about Helen of Troy and a great Mexican cowboy song for the kids to sing whilst making Nachos to sell for their business maths project.
The teacher was an inspiring storyteller, and I feel inspired to find my own storytelling voice. Steiner said the class teacher needs to make their pupils laugh and cry every day, and with the story of Troy in the hands of this artful teacher, I think this may have been achieved!

I had my own first days of being a real teacher this week also, and did some Farming Main Lesson work with Class 3. I got to tell my mum's old farm stories from the 1930s, in the days when draft horses pulled their ploughs! It was a great experience, especially as our classroom was actually the chook shed!

And finally, the school holidays are on, and my chickens have been grounded with a certain tres infectious disease which seems to be spreading around town at the moment. As yukky as being sick is, it is a kind of blessing to be forced to stay home, and rest, and we have had a splendid day pretending we are home schooling; knitting, reading, drawing, and resting to the sweet adventures of Olga Da Polga, read by mum/teacher!

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Melissa Ellen said...

I wish I was 11 years old again, so I could soak up all those beautiful blackboard images and wonderful stories all day long...