Thursday, January 20, 2011

Late Night Knitting 1

Meet chook (almost!!), which I have been knitting for Mr P. 
It was meant to be a Christmas present, then a birthday present, and now, probably an early Easter gift!
What follows are an excerpt from my thoughts whilst sitting on the lounge knitting (in dot point form for easy reading, but really they flowed insensibly one into the other):
*I wonder if Mr P is going to wake up soon.
*I really like this wool, though the colour is a little bright.
*Claire liked the colour, she has some too.
*I wonder what Claire will make with one ball.
*I wonder if I should put a sand bag into the chook to make it like a front door stop instead?
*Oh then Mr P might weild it at someone!
*He would make a great "hurl" champion, like my old Pop
*Pop died a long time ago
*Do I actually rememeber his face  or just the photos?
*Should I put the kettle on?
*What do I feel like drinking, it is a bit hot.
*I should text B up in Brisbane and tell her it is warm.
*I should take a photo of this chook and put it on my blog, even though it hasn't yet got a head.

Not quite Zen and Art of Knitting... and, no wonder it has taken me so long!
My mind is one headless chook!

1 comment:

anna said...

Hahaha I am so glad to know the inside of other people's heads sound like that too! I can't wait to see the complete chook. I bet Mr P will love it. (And I think the colour is just beautiful!)