Thursday, January 6, 2011

Respite from the Terrors of Environmental Madness.

The end of 2010 seemed a blur- I tapped into the atmosphere of frenzy and buzzing of frenetic activity around me, and even in the moments when I couldn't even think what I had to do, I felt rushed and stressed! Terrible.
So, jumping into the station wagon and  driving 10 hours east into a remote beach in a National Park was just the cure for the dire state I found myself in. To my salvation, there were no shops, phones, mobile reception, or many people, and we pitched out large the in the dark, and collapsed into slumber accompanied by the serenade of irrepressible crickets!
The rain came, the hail, the little ladies soent their tent bound days reading and drawing in peace, seeming to also sigh relief at the chance to breathe out! Even young Mr P, the baby boy, seemed at peace.

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anna said...

I sometimes wonder if the only way to escape that end-of-year frazzling is to go bush from about mid-november until new year's day. Otherwise, no matter how much we 'opt out' it seems somehow to sidle in.

I love the idea of a tent-bound day reading and drawing peacefully. It sounds heavenly actually, as do the irrepressible crickets :)

I'm so glad you all had a lovely time, including Mr P! x