Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Red Knits in an Autumn Mood

It's the first of May, and here we are descending into the inward time, the cold nights, the darker, shorter days,  carpets of Autumn leaves already rotting underfoot, and regular Leek and Potato Soup evenings. I was so lucky to spend the day knitting and sipping tea with friends.
Since I became hopelessly addicted to knitting, this time no longer daunts me. On the contrary, I feel excited by the thought of cosy nights knitting and rugging up in those knits, the warm soups and the time for introspection and quiet connections with home and family. There's a beautiful verse by Rudolf Steiner that the teachers meditated briefly upon each morning during my week teaching a couple of weeks ago:

When to my being's depths I penetrate,
There stirs expectant longing
That self-observing, I may find myself
As gift of summer sun, a seed
That warming lives in Autumn's mood
As germinating force of soul.

                                 Rudolf Steiner                                                     

It's from the Calendar of the Soul and given the space and time to contemplate, provides such a possibility to open to that nurturing inner glow ready in the soul to ignite at this time of year.

and onto usual...
Here are the Autumnal knits in my life at the moment!

I finished Mr P's pixie hat, which he loves! (free pattern on Ravelry by my friend Dee
Love the soft red(American Beauty:one of the solid colours) in Malabrigo Worsted  
Ravelled here 

And, cast on today for a hat for my big girl chicken who is going on a week long horse riding camp soon and needs a hat!
Pattern is Oaked by Alicia Plummer, in again, Malabrigo Worsted in Sealing Wax colour, a rich russet orange-red.

Joining Nicole for Keep Calm Craft On.


Lori ann said...

jo i love what you said about the autumn mood, in fact i really love your writing, and i love the verse by r.s. too.

i love autumn now best too, but that really only happened when my children were grown. we used to be all about summer, living on the beach, my kids had fun all day and into the evening during summer. i loved seeing them so happy outside, in the ocean. now it's different, i am have grown to love the inward time, getting cosy with a ball of wool and needles is my bliss. and we do love leek and potato soup on those long cold nights.

your hats (and mr p) are darling.

anna said...

What a beautiful verse Jo. I'm going to add it to my collection of lovely things to reflect on at this time of year. And leek and potato soup to my autumn menu, actually!

And oh, that hat...

katharine said...

I love the red. I'm really liking a little red these days and that gnome hat is just perfect!

Kirti said...

Oh that cuteness....I'm on the honey cowl