Friday, April 26, 2013

yarning along

Joining Ginny for her Yarn Along:
Mr P's pixie hat (a free pattern by Triskele Threads: ravelled here) is slowly coming along.
I had to pull out once as my gauge was totally off (when will I learn to swatch for hats...)!
I'm using Malabrigo Worsted in American beauty red, a most delicious colour!
 Bedtime reading: Ernie Dances to the Didgeridoo by Alison Lester. Ms Lester is a great favourite at our house! This one is set in the Northern Territory (croc country) and it reminds me of our wonderful camping holidays up there!

Other highlights of the week so far...leggings! (never too late to become a fashion blog, I say!)
Yep! Melbourne designed and made: Parrot Says. My girls love them!

and finally, my gorgeous girls loving their music on You Tube:


Kirti said...

you are all gorgeous. swatching eh...I guess I'll hafta one day...

Lori ann said...

oh jo! mabel and ivy ARE gorgeous and so talented. i got emotional watching them sing and play guitar, you must feel so proud. makes me wish so much my daughters were young again. the video was awesome and they did a beautiful job, the concert must have quite an impression.

i am going to look for some of that malabrigo and in the same color, i need a red hat (shows up best in photos my husband takes for his work)and i think i may copy you on the pattern too! :) thanks!

Lori ann said...

oops! childs hat!

Anne said...

I love that red yarn!
Beautiful :)

Dee said...

Jees - you must be so darn proud of those girlies! Nice job on the hat - thanks for bloggin' it.

William Hillaris said...

What a blog post of tender beauty to stumble upon. Those girls are amazing!!! As is Mama. My mum just sent us over some Alison Lester reading too, and i just splurged on a pretty tea cup, wish we could share a cuppa. love you XXXX

jilian said...

Josie, that comment above is obviously from me x Jilly