Thursday, September 16, 2010


Last night, husband and I spent a few hours felting for the stall on Saturday. I must say, his wool sculpting abilities outstrip mine hands down. He is particularly deft at character-full animals.
I on the other hand, prefer to stick to chubby birds. Giant ones, as it turns out...

Today I set myself the task of baking at least one Orange/Yoghurt cake  from my all time fave New Moosewood Cookbook,  to take to Chicken 1's play this evening.

The play, "The Death of Baldur", and the cake, were a hit!
And Chicken 1 was the most magnificent cello playing Queen of Hell a proud mum could ever ever wish for


arabella cucumber said...

In light of recent events, I'm even more impressed by your family's beautiful needlefelting Jo! These are so gorgeous. And the cake looks divine too - it sounds as though you had a wonderful evening! xx

messyfish said...

I have been singing the praises of molly katzen recently. I must get my hands on this book too (except I am on a self imposed ban in relation to accumulation of MORE maybe i will check the library!?)
you know how to bake I see. Lovely looking cake! cold enough for you? where did spring go.......??????

Jo Windmill said...

ahh yes, if I was able to get away with feeding children cake for dinner I would.
I hear ya on the accumulation of stuff! The new moosewood, however, has justified the space it takes up many times over.

DIVYA said...

Hello Jo,I found a link to your blog on the page of my favourite friend (mild understatement)Bella Anna-Arabella! ;-) As she will no doubt tell you at the stall tomorrow, I've become a huge fan of your gorgeous birds! (And that's only becase my mother hasn't seen them yet; once she does, she'll no doubt fight me for my position on your fan list!) :-) So amidst my rambling, I just wanted to thank you for the loveliness you share with others in the form of them byooootiful felt critters.Given that my Mum adores birds, I've asked Anna to either buy one from you on my behalf,or request you to make some that I can send to my Ma in India.
And apart from that, I so look forward to meeting you, as Miz.Anna has spoken much of you.
:-) Have fun at the stall tomorrow. Warmly,Divya, often known as "Divs."

Jo Windmill said...

Hey Divs, aaw shucks, thanks for the compliments on the birds. I do love little birdies too, obviously!
Our stall went magnanamously well! and the two birdies found new homes! But I am sure there will be more birds landing soon, so we will keep you in touch for the next Orphfund stall.
Thanks for "dropping by"