Saturday, September 11, 2010

the table glowed with handmade love

We had our first fundraising stall for Orphfund today!

The sun shone,

the table glowed with handmade love

the children busked,

Anna sewed, Katie smiled,

the baby slept,

A wonderful, stupendously enjoyable, and successful good-vibes time was had by all.
Thanks everyone!


Kirti said...

Well done Lovely One!!! Re songs; The Irish Rover, Jug of Punch, Rocky Road to Dublin....

Jo Windmill said...

Oh, tooralooraloo indeed!
Have you seen this
I just love their knitted jumpers!

arabella cucumber said...

It was such a lovely, lovely morning Jo. I can hardly wait for the next one! Thank you for letting me filch your beautiful photos too :) xx

twolittleseeds said...

Love these crafty pics...wish I could have come to this stall! x