Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Peace Fleece Corps

Last night I spent some wee hours at ComfortGertrude's house with three wonderful fellow wool addicts,  winding our newly arrived Peace Fleece, sipping honey mead from Kangaroo Island, hearing about sightings of whales out of kitchen windows, and generally revelling in the company of colour, fibre and friends!
The colours are all divine, and it will be so fun to watch it slowly (in my case) and quickly (in the case of FlickaFish!!) transform into garments, and toys! The Chickie Masla is so deliciously yolkish, softer than in the photo actually. The Seamoss is also much, much more dreamily green and divine in real life.
Kamchatka Seamoss and Chickie Masla

Ukrainian Red, Patience Blue, Zarya Fog, Antarctica White

Purl101's Violet Vyehchyeerom and FlickaFish's Lena's Meadow
Stack of Lauren's Coral- yum!
super winding action shot

My own knitting has been on the back-burner a bit, amidst the excitement of the Orphfund craft stall...slowly getting through the yoke of my Garter Yoke Cardi...

ALSO...The supremely talented and ever-creative FlickaFish contributed some divine little skirts for the upcoming Orphfund stall this Saturday at Ceres. Thank you!!

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arabella cucumber said...

These are just glorious Jo. It was lovely to see the beautiful yolk vest being modelled on Staurday too! It sounds like a really lovely evening you had :).