Tuesday, April 23, 2013

persian prose to pixie hats

Last week I had my first full week of work as a casual Steiner teacher and it was big for me! I wasn't looking for work, it just came my way, and I gingerly accepted the challenge, knowing in my heart I could do it, but unable to ignore the voice inside reminding me I hadn't been in a classroom for quite some time.
So, I studied up recorder, times tables and decimal fractions,  immersed myself in Ancient Persian mythology and dived on in!
Here are some photos of the work we did!

not my blackboard drawing, this one.

 I used Charles Kovaks' book, Ancient Mythologies as inspiration for the Persian mythology, telling stories about the creation of the earth by Ahura Mazdao,  the domestication of animals and the first bonfire!

We also explored the land of contrasts which is Persia (Iran) and drew a map. What fun.

 We tried a form drawing of a Persian star, with the help of a bowl and a ruler.
It's always so wonderful seeing the differences coming out in the children's creative work.

As soon as the week was over, I dived for the knitting needles, and quickly cast on a pixie hat for Mr P: Triskele Threads' new free Ravelry pattern Pixie Tadhg

Reading: or should I say, re-reading, one of our all time favourites!
"Dominic" by the most exquisite William Steig.
Everyone needs to read this book!! I mean it!
It is sublime story about a philosophical dog who sets out to discover the world. At once calming, and lyrical, whimsical and contemplative, healing and utterly charming, Dominic is a special read for all ages!
I started to read it to my class last week, and it made lumps in my throat as always.

Joining in Nicole for "Keep Calm Craft On" and Ginny's Yarn Along


Lori ann said...

wow jo that's awesome! i'm sure you're a brilliant teacher, i can tell your passion and sincerity even from here. all the drawings are amazing, i love children's creativity! my dad used to live in iran (persia) in the 70's. i so wanted to go, i was a teen then. but there was too much unrest, a civil war going on, so i never did make it to the middle east. but we did meet him in portugal for the summers, renting a house on the beach and exploring the area (and surrounding, spain, north africa...) good times.
i love your book review, off to add it to my never ending amazon cart!
have a great day, x lori

Suse said...

How exciting for you! (*whispers* Which school were you at?)